Zip Lining on Your Costa Rica School Trip

Zip Lining Through Costa Rica on Your School Trip

Zip lining is the perfect way to travel across the Arenal Volcano National Park on your next school trip to Costa Rica…

The Arenal Volcano National Park, home to the active Arenal volcano, features; hiking, sightseeing, natural hot springs, and lava fields. What better way to see it all than zip lining through the trees with the birds?

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What to Expect

While you are zip lining on your next school trip you can expect your students to have the most exciting learning experience of their life. They will learn all about the ecosystem of the rainforest, the history of the volcano, as well as the science behind the lava fields and hot springs. They will also have their need for adventure satisfied while they are swinging like the monkeys through trees and over ravines.

Local guides will impress you and your students with their knowledge, professionalism, and teaching ability.


How to Prepare

Little to no preparation is needed! Comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, and energy is all you need. Anybody can zip line given they are not afraid of heights.


What you Will Learn

Your students will go in depth with the local guide about the importance of rainforest and environment in general, to help set the foundation for sustainable thinking in the future and an appreciation for things that might not come to mind so often.

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