Top Ten School Trip Destinations

Top Ten School Trip Destinations

Here is our list of our top ten school trip destinations for you to consider when you plan your next travel with your class.

10 . Montreal, Quebec Canada

Live the effervescence of this cosmopolitan province. Practice your French and enjoy the cultural heritage of these once walled cities.

9. Boston

See the place they  call the ‘Cradle of Liberty’ at Faneuil Hall. Here the ‘Sons of Liberty’ plotted against the English crown and the events leading to the Revolution.

8.  Costa Rica

A small country with one of the largest bio-diversity on the planet. Students on their school trip to Costa Rica  will see coffee and chocolate plantations and zip line through some of the tropical forests. Hike near Arenal volcano and take a surfing lesson on the Pacific ocean side. Discover what ‘Pura Vida’ is.

7.  Orlando and the Space Coast

The Disney and Universal Theme Parks will enchant every student on their school trip to Orlando. Add the Kennedy Space Center and take a tour of the launch pads where the Apollo missions were launched.

6. Gettysburg

Site of the most pivotal battle of the civil war student see the battlefield as it was back in 1863. They get to learn about the events of the 3 day battle and how it would determine the course of history.

5. Chicago

One of our favorite school  trip destination is Chicago. The windy city has students marvel at some of the most incredible skyscrapers ever built. See the river made to flow inland!

4. Paris and France

One of the best school trips to plan is a trip to France and Paris. It was a hard choice to put behind Italy. Both destinations are on equal footing. From the City of Lights to the beaches fo Normandy and onto the Mont St-Michel there is so much to explore. Consult with our team to build the best trip for you and your students.

3. Italy

You may choose our discover Italy itinerary for first time travelers or build your own educational tour program.  From Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast to choose from we will help you plan the best school trip to Italy for your students.

2. New York City

The ultimate metropolis. Everything is big. Big lights, big broadway shows, big crowds. Students will see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Experience the subway and take in the breathtaking view from the 100 floor of the Empire State building. So much to see and do with your class.

1. Washington D.C.

Our capital designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant remains an exceptional and must see school trip destination. Middle and high school students will take a deep dive into our system of government and discover some of the world’s best and most visited museums.

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