School Trips to Washington DC

School Trips to Washington DC

You can go for three or four days or dig deeper and stay for 5 to 7 days. Not all school trips to Washington DC are the same. Build your trip your way.

How much are school trips to Washington DC?

Because your school might have a different holiday or testing schedule  you can choose when you’d like to plan your trip. How long your school trip will be can be a combination of different factors.

Your budget will have an impact on your decision. A typical educational tour day will cost about one hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars per day.  If you have 45-50 students you can plan on $450 to $600 for a fully inclusive educational tour package.

Now if you travel during the off season you can expect much better pricing too.

Here are 3 reasons to consider planning school trips to Washington DC during the ‘off’ season.

1. Lower pricing on your school trip

Motorcoaches and hotels have less overall demand and so they are more accommodating in their pricing. This means you can get a higher category of hotel at very good prices.

2. Less busy in Washington DC

Avoid the long wait lines and traffic delays. With less visitors you and your students won’t have to rush.

3.  See more of Washington DC

You also get to see more of the city as you can then get to places faster and with less wait take your time.

Keep this in mind when you plan your next school trip to Washington DC.

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