Salem, Massachusetts

Halloween will be here soon. There is more to Salem than just witches and ghosts.

SALEM, The Witch City – It not just for Halloween!

Is your middle school field trip or high school tour group planning a visit to Salem, Massachusetts? If so, you’re probably thinking it’s all witches and goblins. True, much of what is widely known about the city is rooted in the 1692 witch trials that cost the lives of 19 innocent people.

If you visit in October you’re guaranteed to see all of the Halloween based activities, shops and people in full costume. Certainly a unique experience.

But did you know Salem also has the world famous Peabody Essex Museum with it’s vast collection of maritime art and objects from the near and far east? How about the Salem Maritime National Historic Site where you can board an authentic reproduction of the 1797 trade vessel, Friendship.

What about it’s literary history? Nathaniel Hawthorne, who wrote the literary classic The Scarlet Letter, most likely while employed at the Salem Custom House in the mid 1800’s, is only one of many famous people that called Salem home. There’s also the trading merchant Elias Hasket Derby, one of the first millionaires on the continent. Be sure to visit his former home next the Custom House to see first-hand how the wealthy lived in the 16th century.

Salem has so much more to offer in addition to the Halloween experience. Be sure to include other historical, architectural and maritime historical stops to amplify your school’s learning experience.

Plan your trip to this fascinating city only 16 miles north of Boston. Call or email us today!