How to Pack for any School Trip

Packing For Your Next School Trip

Your school has been planning the trip for close to a year and now you need to start thinking about what you’ll bring in your luggage. Packing for your next school trip is fun and will be something you will do often in your future travels.

First let’s ask the question: is it an international or domestic trip? This might have an impact on the size of your luggage. An international trip is usually a little longer and so you’ll need to pack more.

What size luggage do I need? You should always aim to stay as compact as possible so a carry on size is the optimal piece of luggage to aim for. The trick is to avoid overpacking. Always think it is comfort over fashion

The Essentials

Footwear is probably the most important. Bring your most comfortable pair of shoes and make sure they are broken in. New shoes will cause you to have blisters and this is something you absolutely want to avoid.

How many of each items?

You need enough clothes to last the trip. There is usually no time to do laundry!

Have an extra pair of pants or shorts and plan an extra pair of underwear and socks.

Become a layering pro

Layering is the key. Fleece is a great invention. You can wear it in the morning when it’s cold and take it off if the day warms up.

You’ll be out and about for full days at a time and outside too. Whether it’s winter or summer you’ll be in the sun. Pack some sunblock. Bring it with you as it’s cheaper than buying at the destination. Get the stick kind. Less messy and packs in your string back or backpack.

Bring a refillable water bottle. Let’s think green.

Bring a little backpack. GO supplies all of its passengers a green string back to carry snacks and water around.


Now if you are traveling by plane make sure to respect the liquid rules. Check out the TSA website here.

Bring an umbrella or pack a dollar store poncho (get 2, one for your main bag and one for your carry-on).

Don’t forget your music, books (kindle) or sudokus and other personal entertainment. The flight or the bus ride can take some time.

Use our School Trip Packing List to help you prepare.

Have a great school trip.

The GO-Team

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