Get more from your school trip company

With GO you get more from your school trip company.

Get more from your school trip company when you plan your next educational tours with GO.

Flexible payment schedule and free enrollment

GO Educational Tours offers educators and organizers flexibility in planning their trip. Set the payment schedule and you can also use our trip portal for free trip enrollment.

Our goal is not to have you travel until you are ready to commit. Once you are ready to move forward we will work with the organizes to set a payment schedule for your group.

1. FREE Group Picture

Many school trip companies offer it as a $10 up sell for each passenger. GO includes it as part of their packages for 2020 trips.

2. Get a FREE student for each 49 paid

This is a great incentive. You can use if many different ways. Use the free trip as a fund raising event or gift a deserving student or help a family with financial needs.

3. GO Travel Scholarships

Many school trip companies offer kickbacks and incentive. This practice goes against our core values. We prefer to earn the business. He you are happy and satisfied simply refer us to other colleagues and organizers. When they book a trip with GO you can earn up to $1,000 for your group.

This applies to each referral. Offering affordable trips is part of our mission and the GTS is certainly one of our best offerings.

Get a trip proposal from our team. No obligation. Until you make a commitment to the trip we are here to offer our insight and experience for you. Feel free to call us too:

855-446-8687 x 115

Every trip starts with GO!

The GO-Team

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