Planning your High School Trip to Italy

Planning your next high school trip to Italy

Italy offers many well known cities. Each one is a unique experience. If you are planning your next high school trip to Italy for your students. Here are some of the ideas to keep in mind.

Best gateway city

Choosing your gateway city will have a great impact on your school trip itinerary. Larger hubs like Rome or Milan are usually the main arrival airports. If you arrive in Milan you will then make it your starting point and then you will decide on what circuit best suits you and you students.

Venice via Verona

You can then head to Venice or Firenze by way of Verona . If Venice is a must then you will add Florence as you make your way back west to conclude in Rome.

As you make your way to Rome some of the options we recommend: a stop in Assisi. We’ve also included stops in Maranello to see the Ferrari factory.


You need to plan for at least 3 days in Rome for your and your high school students to fully appreciate what this ancient city has to offer. We are certain your students will want to make sure to see the Sistine Chapel, St-Peters and the Vatican Museums to the Colosseum and Forum to the Pantheon. It is best to give ample time to each location because they will leave indelible memories.

We also like to schedule some exploration time in smaller groups with the chaperones and teachers. Having a coffee in a piazza or trying a small cafe is just as much part of the experience.

Beyond Rome: Napoli, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast

Then of course you can then add Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. As you build your trip you way we will certainly work with you to craft the best program to fit your objectives and your budget.

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