Choosing a Student Travel Organization

Choosing a Student Travel Organization

When planning your next class trip for your middle or high school student group you should keep in mind a few important factors when choosing your student travel organization.

Student travel operators should have extensive experience and knowledge of the destination and should be one of the first considerations. Travel agents are very good at planning trips for individuals but they may not have the necessary knowledge to plan out a successful school trip. Here are some key factors beyond knowledge and experience.

1. Safety

Safety is the most critical aspect. At GO Educational Tours we do a pre-trip safety video call with all the parents and students. We discuss the standard procedures from the bus ride to the hotel and also how our GO Leaders do a daily safety review each day.

All students on our tours wear a green silicon bracelet with our 24/7 travel number. We’ve found this bracelet to be more discrete and also students don’t forget it each morning before heading out.

2. Quality

Quality is a relative term yet we know what it is when we experience a bad trip. Vendor selection for sites and attractions and also restaurants should be judiciously picked.

Meals are important and many larger companies will default to ‘voucher’ type meals for almost all the meals. We prefer having at least a sit down dinner to end the day on a good note. It encourages student interactions and also it’s a time to take a moment to recover from the days’s activities.

It’s an easy way to make trip look less expensive but we feel it lessens the travel experience.

3. Pricing

We understand pricing will be a key driver in choosing the right school trip company but not the only factor. Making school group tours affordable is part of our mission.

Larger companies have heavy overheads and payrolls. They need to close sales and collect cash quickly. Our approach at GO Educational Tours is to make sure you have the best pricing and we can customize your trip.

Our motto’s is “Get more with GO!”. When you book a trip with our educational travel company you and your students get:

♦ 1 FREE Student for each 49 paid (for domestic trips)

Get a FREE Group picture for each passenger (other companies charge +$10 or more)

♦ No fee Trip enrollment

Your students can enroll first and once you have the numbers you can then open the trip to deposits.

Don’t forget we pioneered the GO Travel Scholarship. Refer GO to other organizers and colleagues and get up to $1,000 on your next trip when they book a trip with GO.

4. Service

Like all sturdy tables it should have four legs. Service is an important leg. Quality, pricing and safety will not matter if you are not served as you wish.

Not all school trip companies will go the extra step. Need a live parent presentation – we’ll be on live and walk you and the parents through the trips. If you are within a few hours drive, we’ll go to you. There’s nothing better then sharing our passion in person.

And because we value each organizer and your time, GO has a customer success leader for you available to chat with you at any time. Have a question about your trip or simply wish to make a few changes here and there?

Call us anytime the whole team is here for you.

Start planning your next school trip with GO.