The Benefits of College Tours

The Benefits of College Tours

The benefits of college tours are numerous. These trips can be overwhelming, both for the parents and the students and we make it easier for families. However, they are critical. There are so many benefits to going on a college tour. talked to some who work in the department of admissions at various colleges and universities, as well as a high school guidance counselor. They each gave their opinion on why college visits are important.

Douglas Christiansen, Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions at Vanderbilt University, said “it is difficult to describe the feeling one has when arriving at a new campus, but there is a feeling, and that is what is important.” From personal experience, this is definitely true. You can’t know the vibe of a campus unless you go in person.

Lori Greene, the Director of Undergraduate Admission at Loyola University in Chicago, also mentioned how visiting can change your opinion of the school. Her main piece of advice was “Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit a college close to you. Even though it may not be your first choice, you can tell from the visit if you like “this size of school” or “this type of location.”

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This also rings true to me. If I had any advice to offer it would be to not overlook state schools. Many of them have amazing programs and you would never know unless you looked into them.

Sara Lindberg, a former high school counselor turned, freelance writer, goes back to what Christiansen said about not knowing the feel of the school unless you visit.

Lindberg also offers some advice on what to do and how to act when on a campus tour. “remember to focus on the feel of the school,” she says. “Ask yourself what you love about it and acknowledge any concerns you might have. Before you head home, ask yourself one final question: If you had to choose today, what does your gut (and heart) tell you?”

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