Affordable Student Tours in Washington DC

Affordable student tours in Washington DC

School trips to Washington DC are one of the most fulfilling experiences for middle and high school students. Prices are soaring and part of the GO Educational Tours mission is to offer affordable student tours in Washington DC and other popular destinations.

Best ways to keep the cost of your school trip low:

  1. Plan early

  2. Pick off-season dates

  3. Be flexible do three or four day trips instead of five.

  4. Larger groups are more affordable

  5. Fundraise

These are some of the quick tips. But we also work to keep it manageable for students and their families.

GO Travel Scholarships

We pioneered the GO Travel Scholarship to help reduce the cost for students going to Washington DC. But you can earn a GTS for any other domestic and international destinations.

We appreciate it when educators and organizers refer GO. Instead of incentives and rewards for the organizers we prefer having students benefit with lower pricing.

Learn more about the GO Travel Scholarship

Get a FREE Student

If 49 students pay you can get the 50th free! Use this free trip to do some fundraising or give it to a deserving student. We designed this program because it helps students in need or to support the trip financially.

Affordable Trip Coverage

Many companies offer very expensive trip coverage. With Travel Insured we offer pre and post departure coverage with an optional cancel for any reason for a fraction of the cost. Your investment in your school trip is protected.

Every trip starts with GO!

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