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Important questions to ask on your next college campus tour

Important Questions to Ask on your Next College Campus Tour Having your students ask the right questions on their next college campus tour is important. Keeping track of the answers and comparing will help them make an informed decision for their next chapter of their academic life. When planning your next college campus tour for … Read More

HBCU College Campus Tours

Plan an HBCU College Campus Tour Trip HBCU College Campus Tours are an important step for all future college students. Once students have set their sites on their major, choosing the right college is the next step. “[HBCU’s] are an important space for the fight for civil rights and equality” wrote Melissa E Wooten, University …

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Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919   Twenty one people died on February 15, 1919 on what some call the Boston Molassacre. Why so much molasses? Quite simply, molasses was the base for most of the sugar consumed in the early 20th century. Processed from cane in the Caribbean Islands, the juices of the …

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Washington DC Class Trip Tips

Washington DC Class Trip Tips to see and do more with your students.   Many middle and high school student groups plan their Washington DC trips for Spring. Keep in mind it does get very busy during some parts of May and June. Here are some “DC Class Trip Tips”. CLASS TRIP TIP 1 Consider …

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Salem, Massachusetts

Halloween will be here soon. There is more to Salem than just witches and ghosts. SALEM, The Witch City – It not just for Halloween! Is your middle school field trip or high school tour group planning a visit to Salem, Massachusetts? If so, you’re probably thinking it’s all witches and goblins. True, much of …

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