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Top Ten Washington DC School Trip Planning Tips

Top Ten Washington DC School Trip Planning Tips Plan your next affordable school trip for your students. Read our top ten Washington DC school trip planning tips below. 1- Start planning early. The sooner you know when you want to go the sooner you should set aside your dates with GO. We offer free trip … Read More

How to Pack for any School Trip

Your school has been planning the trip for close to a year and now you need to start thinking about what you are going to pack for any school trip. First let's ask the question: is it an international or domestic trip? This might have an impact on the size of your luggage. An international … Read More

Affordable Student Tours in Washington DC

Affordable student tours in Washington DC School trips to Washington DC are one of the most fulfilling experiences for middle and high school students. Prices are soaring and part of the GO Educational Tours mission is to offer affordable student tours in Washington DC and other popular destinations. There are many ways to keep the … Read More

Plan a School Trip with GO

Plan a School Trip with GO It's a privilege to have such great educators turn to us to plan a school trip to Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Montreal and Internationally to Italy, France and Costa Rica. Our Tours Affordable school trips not cheap Teachers come to us looking for more value for their … Read More

High School Trips to Italy Planning Tips

High School Trip to Italy Planning Tips Best ways to get around Getting around Italy is fairly easy. You can consider using comfortable motor coaches or the train. The train is great for smaller groups and you can save on transportation costs. We'll recommend hotels closer to the train stations so you can walk over … Read More

Planning your High School Trip to Italy

Planning your next high school trip to Italy Italy offers many well known cities. Each one is a unique experience. If you are planning your next high school trip to Italy for your students. Here are some of the ideas to keep in mind. Best starting city Choosing your gateway city will have a great … Read More

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