Evening Presentation for Parents

A parent evening is a great opportunity for the teacher/organizers to present the class trip project. As the organizer you can go over the objectives of the trip and also how and when it will be held.

It’s a good way to present the itinerary and also an opportunity to introduce GO Educational Tours. It helps drum up support for the class trip and answer any questions parents may have.

We structure the presentation to reflect the various details of the trip from motor coach or air travel, to the accommodations, meals and also the various activities and attractions to be visited.

We talk about how dynamic the GO Leaders are and how we manage safety and a little more about our procedures on tour.

The timing for these is usually early in the planning – if you are planning a spring trip we would recommend in September and October. This way you can generate some buzz and interest in the trip with the students and parents.

We love doing these and we hope you call on us to hold one.

Simply select a date for the presentation and let us know.

We can do the presentation about your specific travel program for the parents and students during your evening meeting live over skype or a Google Hangout, whichever is better for you.

You can schedule the meeting at the school or even have the parents join remotely if they cannot make it to the school.

Usually a presentation will last between 25-40 minutes. We understand parents may not always have time to make it to the school on certain evenings.