GO Travel Scholarships

written May 27, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

go travel scholarships for students groups

A great way to keep the costs of the class trip down is to refer other educators or student trip organizers to GO Educational Tours. Part of the inflation in student travel costs are the kickbacks some tour companies offer organizers to use their services.




GO stands firmly against this practice. We put students first. In keeping with the spirit of Students First, we created the GO Travel Scholarships to benefit directly the students. If you are an educator and know of others organizing a trip, simply refer them to GO and when they book and travel your group will receive a GO Travel Scholarship of up to $1,000 – for each referral.


We work hard at GO to keep your student trip costs as low as possible. We are a small and dedicated team and we focus our resources and efforts to make sure you get the best student travel experience for your students on your next educational tour to Washington DC or any destination you may explore in America.


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