Top 10 Reasons to Travel with GO Educational Tours

written October 3, 2016, by contentadmin

Choosing a good, reliable and dedicated educational travel company is important. Many factors can influence your decision when choosing your tour operator for your middle and high school student class trip to New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Mexico and Ireland.


Here are the top 10 reasons to choose, GO.


  1. STUDENTS FIRST: All our programs are tailored for the interests of middle and high school student groups. Often times it is the first travel experience for some students. We take the responsibility of making this experience a rewarding and memorable one for them.


  1. SAFETY: We never compromise on safety. Each day we review safety with the student group. Making sure the group is constantly aware of where they are and what is going on. Meeting points, safety instructions should one get lost or injured and emergency phone numbers to reach us at all times. We also keep numbers of the closest hospitals to the destination on hand just in case.


  1. GO LEADERS: Our GO Leaders are chosen from the education departments of local colleges. They have some pedagogical experience and we enhance it with some very intense training to make sure they know how to run a tour.


  1. ADAPTABLE TRAVEL PROGRAMS:  Adaptable and flexible programs are important as no two classes are alike. As a teacher or educational tour organizer you know your students well and your tour objectives can vary. The programs can range from a more leisurely trip to a tour with more academic content to a language experience trip for your foreign language class.


  1. EXPERIENCE: GO Educational Tours was founded by a group of very experienced and passionate educational travel professionals. We work very hard to earn your business. All of us have over 50 years of combined experienced under our belts serving student groups. Over 400 000 students traveled with us safely and successfully.


  1. NO KICKBACKS: Organizers are given incentives to select educational tour companies by offering very large kickbacks especially from the larger tour companies. The organizers are offered incentives such as cash payments, free personal travel, airline tickets, and flat screen TV’s by these travel groups to select their services. Kickbacks rig the tour company selection process by favoring the highest bidder on price, and perhaps the lowest bidder on quality. This inflates prices and deflates the quality of the learning experience, sullying the entire educational student travel domain. The tour company selected is not necessarily the best service, and so the student traveler is the loser. We work to lower student travel price and keeping quality high by earning your business and offering travel scholarships to help reduce the costs of educational tours. ( Travel Scholarships below)


  1. QUALITY: Travel involves many working parts from hotels, flights, motorcoaches, attractions, tour guides. We do not compromise in our vendor selection. Some companies select inferior product to get a lower price. We carefully select our vendors so your educational tour is a success.


  1. ACCESSIBLE, AVAILABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Want to know more about us and feel like chatting, call us now at 855 446-8687 or sms me here at – 781 315-2254 – leave me your name and number and I can get back to you very quickly. Strangely enough many teachers who call us say they are happy to reach somebody.


  1. TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS: We love referrals and when you do refer us we will grant your group a Travel Scholarship of $1,000 for each referral that books and travels with us.


  1. PASSION: We absolutely love student educational travel . We believe in the benefits and we work diligently and with a sense of urgency to realize memorable experiences for young students.


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