Studying History? Take a Class Trip to Atlanta, Georgia

written July 20, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

When teaching students, they greatly benefit from a hands-on approach. With the subject of history, museums are a great place to start; your children will be able to experience the history for themselves. Beginning with a class trip to Atlanta is a spectacular idea.


According to, the museums listed below are some of the most popular visit.


  1. The Center for Civil and Human Rights: This center is in downtown Atlanta and features three main exhibits: civil rights, human rights and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection from Morehouse College. This is a great place to learn about the past while combining it with the present issues.
  2. Fernbank Museum of Natural History: This museum displays the largest dinosaurs in the world. In addition, this museum offers an exhibit called, “A Walk through Time in Georgia”.
  3. Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum: This museum contains interactive displays, and fascinating exhibits. Experience “A Day in the Life of the President”, go in the Oval Office, or take a virtual trip with the Carters to fight disease and promote democracy.


Finally, learning is a process, and including an experiential learning approach aids in this process. Learning in a classroom is a wonderful privilege, but taking the learning out of the classroom opens a whole new world of advantages to children of any age. We would be delighted to aid in showing your students a new way of learning.


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