Safety on Tour, The Subway Ride

written September 21, 2016, by contentadmin

If the itinerary calls for a subway ride pay careful attention to the instructions: always stay as a group, we all go in the same subway car, we pay attention to the cues ass to when to exit. We all exit at same station- we step of the car, take a few steps to the middle of the ramp ( if a center ramp) or against the wall if a side ramp. We will then do a head count then move on to our next stop.


Always wear your GO Educational Tours silicon bracelet or lanyard. If you get lost, go to a responsible adult ( security person, police etc.), say you have been separated from your group, ask to make a call to the toll free number – our office will instruct you to remain where you are. We will go to you.


Teachers, chaperones  and tour organizers will be offered various formulas on tour regarding how to conduct their tours with their students. Some teachers prefer close, tight knit groups, while others prefer dividing into smaller groups to explore.


When divided into smaller groups, we suggest one teacher per group, small groups of 4 students minimum AT ALL TIMES if the group is allowed to split into smaller groups.


When exploration time has been assigned to the teachers, then the GO Leader will have determined the time and they will indicate the meeting point.



Our GO Leaders will give very detailed instructions and you must listen carefully.


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