Orlando Class Trips: Theme Parks and NASA Provide Valuable Lessons

written September 19, 2016, by contentadmin

Students who are exposed to a variety of learning experiences during their elementary, junior high, and high school years often embrace lifelong learning. Taking class trips are one way that teachers can help students to see the concepts they are learning in action. This makes the lessons in the classroom seem more important since students are able to see how their lessons can be applied in the real world.


Lessons in Orlando Theme Parks

Teachers who are looking for Orlando Class trips should explore the possibility of visiting Universal Studios or Walt Disney World. At first glance, it might not be easy to see how visiting a theme park could help school children learn. If you dig a little deeper, the tie-ins between the theme parks and education become apparent.  Younger children can learn lessons about staying safe in public while visiting the theme park. Lessons about different cultures are possible in Walt Disney World. Older students can learn about physics concepts by studying the roller coasters.  Educators can prepare for trips to these theme parks by introducing the basic concepts they will touch on during the trip. After the class trip, classroom lessons can expand on the experiences of the trip. Since the students and teachers all had the same experiences, the teacher can bring in the real world examples from the trip to make it easier for students to learn concepts.


Lessons from Outer Space

Understanding the concepts of space exploration is valuable for all children. NASA in Orlando provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn a variety of lessons. Younger children might enjoy learning about the planets and other celestial bodies. Older students can benefit from lessons about space exploration, as well as lessons on physics, mechanics, and scientific procedure.  All students can benefit from the history lessons that a trip to NASA provides. They can also benefit from learning about how astronauts are able to live in space by discussing the space suits, food options, and hygiene practices on the space shuttles.


Discovering new ways to help your students learn can help you expand your lesson plans. Contact us to find out how Orlando class trips can benefit your students!


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