Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Prepare for a lot of Walking

written August 17, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

prepare to walk

One of the misconceptions about traveling is that the best way to get around the destinations is by motorcoach. Believe it or not, in many of the cities you may travel to, walking can be the fastest mode of transportation due to the traffic. Also consider all the of the walking that you will be doing inside of the museums as well as at the memorials and other attractions. By the end of the day you will be amazed to see that you have, in total, walked several miles in one day!


Since you are doing so much walking, make sure that you are bringing comfortable shoes. If you bought new shoes before the trip make sure you break them in beforehand so that you won’t give yourself blisters on tour. On the occasion that you are traveling with your school in warm weather months, don’t wear flip flops. They can be difficult to walk in and your legs and feet will be sore after just day 1.


We also recommend that you pack a second pair of comfortable walking shoes. This travel season was a pretty rainy one and I was really glad to not have to walk around in the same soggy shoes all week! If you keep your feet happy on tour you’ll be happy on tour.


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