Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Pay Attention During Safety Review & Always Wear Your Emergency Bracelet

written September 7, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Safety Vs Risk Choice Concept

Each day on tour we go over our safety review and at the beginning of the trip we pass out a silicon bracelet for you to wear and we ask that you keep the bracelet on for the entire duration of the trip.


If an emergency situation were to occur where you got hurt or separated from the group you would use your cell phone or you would find a police officer or other authority figure you could trust and ask to use their phone to call the toll-free number on your bracelet. That number connects you to our emergency hotline who will get all the information on what is the problem and where you are so that the GO Leader can easily come to you.


Safety for our groups on tour is the number one priority of all of our GO Leaders


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