Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Keep an Open Mind

written August 29, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Keeping an open mind is something I’ve learned in my own personal travels as well as traveling with GO Educational Tours. When you travel to a new place both domestically or internationally you are going to see and experience things that may be different than your hometown. You might not necessarily love everything about this place but that’s the point; you’re growing as a person and figuring out your likes and dislikes. On the other hand, you may discover new interests that you never would have thought of!


Take in every experience that you have while on your school trip with GO Educational Tours and let it shape you. Maybe on your class trip to Washington DC a visit to the US Capitol inspires you to want to work in government when you’re older. Perhaps seeing a Broadway Show in New York City pushes you to follow your own dreams of becoming an actor. Traveling opens you to a new realm of possibilities and can put you outside of your comfort zone.


I got bit by the travel bug on my high school trip and developed a passion that took me down a path that lead to Go Educational Tours. So keep yourself open to every experience around you because you truly never know where it will take you.


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