Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Get a Good Night’s Sleep

written August 31, 2016, by Colleen Anderson


This goes for the night before you depart as well as the nights you are on tour. As I mentioned in tip # 3 you are going to do a lot of walking on the tour. Our days are really fun but they also are very long. Your wake-up call will be around 6:30am – 7am and you won’t get back to the hotel until around 9pm – 10pm with lots of walking in between. You won’t even realize how many miles you have racked up until you get back to the hotel and that’s when it will hit you how tired you actually are.


You might be tempted to stay up late talking with your friends in your room but do yourself a favor and go to bed at a reasonable time. You may be having fun in your room but the next day you will feel sluggish and will have a hard time keeping up! Keep in mind that the reason you are on the trip in the first place is to see the city and you want to physically and mentally be ready to take everything in!


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