Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Entertainment During the Commute

written August 15, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

motorocoach or plane enterntainment

Hey Guys, Colleen here, one of the GO Leaders at GO Educational Tours. I learned a lot during my first season as a GO Leader and I wanted to pass along my best tips to help you have the best tour that you can!


Tip #1 Take Something to Keep You Entertained on the Motorcoach or Plane

Depending on where your school is located, it can take several hours to travel to our destinations either by flying or by driving in the motorcoach. While you may think your phone will keep you entertained during that time, you don’t want to waste your battery before you get to the destination! Don’t forget there are going to be lots of things to see and take pictures of starting the moment you step off the bus and no time to charge your phone!


I have always found a long journey is the perfect time to start a new book. Or, if you get carsick when you read while traveling, bring a small, easy to pack game or activity such as trivia. The great part about games is you can either play by yourself or you can include your entire class.


On one of my trips in DC we got stuck in really bad traffic on the way to the hotel from dinner. One of the student’s had bought a presidential trivia game as a souvenir that morning and shared it with us. We were having such a great time answering fun questions such as ‘Which president is the one rumored to have gotten stuck in the White House bathtub?” (Answer: Taft), that we arrived back at the hotel before we knew it!  


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