Planning an Educational Trip with GO Educational Tours

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

Organizing a student trip to Washington DC or New York City or another destination may seem daunting for a first time planner. GO Educational Tours has made it easy for you to plan and travel with a peace of mind and be sure your students will get a safe and engaging educational travel experience.

GO is a small and dedicated team. We put all our energies to make sure your students get the best travel experience. From the moment you contact us, by email or by, yes the phone, we will be with you for any question you may have.

If you are an experienced traveler and organizer we will put your plans together fast and efficiently to meet your objectives.

Should it be your first experience organizing a class trip, field trip or educational tour we will be with you for every step.

Below are the basic steps from idea to the trip.

  • Determine your travel objectives
  • The Destination or destinations that best meet these objectives
  • Your travel dates
  • How many student will participate?
  • Selecting the Teachers and educators
  • Do you wish to have parents join the trip?
  • The Proposal
  • The Booking Agreement
  • Parent Meeting
  • Deposits and Payments
  • Rooming and Insurance Lists

So these are the basic steps steps to planning and reserving a middle or high school trip with GO Educational Tours.

In our next posting we will expand on each of these sections to give you a more detailed perspective on each of these aspects.


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