Packing For Your Class Trip

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

Packing For A School Trip List You Say?

First thing to pack and I usually recommend wearing them the first day, regardless of what is outlined in any list:

COMFORTABLE SHOES. (no flip-flops are not comfortable shoes, they are beachwear for the beach)

You’ll thank us later. Really, you will.

These shoes will be your best friend and the key to a very successful tour. Forget fashion, forget looks. BE COMFORTABLE. There is a lot of walking on a tour.

Unfortunately we can’t drive the bus or segway through the museums yet so we rely on more conventional means like walking. It works. Walking is eco-friendly with zero emissions, healthy ( zero calories ) and you get to burn some as a bonus and it is a traditional to get from point A to B. Many people have done so over the years.

And as an added bonus we will actually see cool places. ( for example, guess where this is ? ). One thing is for sure is you can’t see it from a motor coach. You need to walk there.

Packing for a group tour with your fellow student friends is never easy but if you are well prepared it is very easy. A few important factors will affect what you will bring.

    • the length of the trip
    • where you are going

when you are going (July or December makes a big difference)

  • how you are travelling (plane, train, or motor coach)

There are different categories of “things” or items to consider bringing:

– Clothes (including the very comfortable shoes you will bring) – Documents (passports or other ID) – Toiletries – Personal entertainment (ipods, phones, cameras etc.) – Medication and first aid (allergies, prescriptions, band aids, vitamins) – Miscellaneous (umbrellas, books, batteries, wet gear and such)

So, please see this helpful list by clicking here.

Also, for a list of restricted items and allowed items see the links below : – TSA

So, start early, a few days before departure, check off your list or make your own. But have fun and be prepared.


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