Safety Of The Students And The Group, While On Tour, Is Paramount And Our Priority

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

When selecting a student travel provider, one of the main concerns is ensuring the travel experience is in a structured and safe environment. It is a priority we take seriously and continually update.

When you take a class trip to Washington, D.C., Boston, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Charleston or Montreal and Quebec City, there is a lot to think about and safety is a part of that experience. It is very important during the trip to remind the students about the rules and also how to prevent any potential incidents. We make sure to review safety with the group on a daily basis.

GO understands safety – it is a part of our DNA. Whether you are travelling within the USA or abroad, we are available 24/7.

  • GO has a 24 hour travel emergency line
  • Each student and passenger will receive a silicon bracelet with the travel emergency number embossed on it
  • Our GO leaders, who accompany you on the tour, are trained to give very precise safety instructions during the course of the tour
  • These safety instructions are reviewed daily, every morning, before the beginning of the tour day. (daily briefing summary)
  • GO is prepared to will deal with urgent situations rapidly and effectively with procedures in place for the safety of the student and passengers
  • GO has a clear and precise contingency and communication plan to deal with emergencies
  • GO avoids potentially hazardous situations while on tour
  • GO respects all driving and service hours when designing programs and itineraries

On each of our educational tours every student will receive a silicon bracelet with our travel hotline number:

This number is always with them and should something happen they can then call this number and dial 9. The line is attended 24/7 – after hours we have a staff member assigned to the line. This staff member then has a set of specific instructions to deal with different issues like a lost student or perhaps an injury. So as a GO passenger you are never alone.

In a future post we will discuss how to plan for exploration time. Inevitably any educational tour or student trip is balanced with some exploration to get a souvenir or two. We usually have the group split up into smaller groups and we will explain how we plan for this type of activity.


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