Faneuil Hall Spy Detector

written June 7, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

  One of GO Educational Tours’ favorite places to visit on an educational or class trip to Boston is Faneuil Hall. This is one building with a lot of history and stories attached to it. Faneuil Hall was given to the city of Boston by a wealthy merchant named Peter Faneuil. Faneuil is a name […]

Film Spots in NYC to see on your next class trip

written May 31, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

So many popular movies (and TV shows) are set in NYC. While, yes, a lot of them were filmed on sets that weren’t actually the streets of the Big Apple, there is still plenty of film history and movie spots you can see in the city! During a class trip to NYC, GO Educational Tours […]

Washington DC Class Trip Top Ten Things to See and Do

written May 29, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

Learn about GO's Top 10 picks on where you should take your students on the next class trip to our nation's capital!

Benefits of Campus Tours

written May 27, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

Summer break is coming up, which means there are a lot of people going on their college visit trips. These trips can be overwhelming, both for the parents and the students. However, they are super important! There are so many benefits of campus tours. talked to some who work in the department of admissions […]

Memorial Day

written May 24, 2019, by contentadmin

The Vietnam War Memorial

Memorial Day has always been  a special day for me. While I may not have served (my grandfather served as did my wife) I have always held the highest esteem and respect for those who serve, who have served and  who have sacrificed. This weekend is a good time to enjoy the pleasures freedom grants […]

GO Travel Scholars

written April 19, 2019, by contentadmin

Student at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The GO Travel Scholars program is a pre-trip planning and engagement activity for student engagement on their class trips.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

written April 9, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

Students on a class trip learning more about the Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson played an indelible part in American history and politics. His memorial in DC is significant. Washington DC is filled with symbolism and this one is notable in its location. The Jefferson Memorial is located on Tidal Basin. The Tidal Basin was built in 1897 to catch the overflow from the Potomac River and […]

The Sugar Shack Experience / La Cabane a Sucre au Quebec

written March 18, 2019, by Stefan Mercier

discover the sugar shack experience on your next class trip

Have you ever had a traditional sugar shack meal while visiting the province of Quebec? You definitely must make it part of your next class trip with your students. Whether you are on a foreign language trip or just on a fun cultural discovery make sure to stop and have a meal at a ‘Cabane […]

Motorcoaches and Class Trip Safety

written March 11, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

Motorcoach and class trip safety

On your next class trip with GO Educational Tours, you will surely travel aboard a deluxe motor-coach; a very efficient and safe way to travel in large cities. At GO, we value our motor-coach company partners and the professional drivers. We make sure the drivers are part of the experience while on class trips! GO […]

Gondolas of Venice

written February 18, 2019, by contentadmin

Did you know there were only about 400 gondolieri (gondoliers) and gondolas left in Venice? One of the favorite student activities is to enjoy a ride on the canals on an iconic symbol of the city; the gondola. These hand built boats have a rich history behind them.  The elongated modern gondola was developed only […]

Presidents Day

written February 17, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

Gilbert Stuart's portrait of our first president.

What is Presidents Day and why do we celebrate it? Did you know that President’s Day was originally intended to celebrate George Washington’s birthday? It used to be celebrated every year on his birthday, February 22. While some states still have individual holidays celebrating the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, President’s Day is now intended […]


written January 17, 2019, by contentadmin

Gondola in Venice

School trip to Venice, Italy Iconic. Timeless. Seminal. Classical.Epochal.Historic. Many words can be used to define Venice. Seeing it on a class trip to Italy is definitely a the top of the list. Venice is one of the few cities in the world where one can feel truly taken back in time. It leaves one […]

Milestones of Flight at the Air and Space Museum

written November 29, 2018, by contentadmin

Washington DC Class trip to the Air and space museum

Number 10 on our Top Ten list of must see sites on a DC class trip and educational tour Aviation and space exploration history is barely over a century old. Since the Wright Brothers first powered and sustained heavier-than-air flight in 1903. A new exhibit was created to accommodate the Wright Flyer as it is […]

Washington DC Class Trip Promo

written November 27, 2018, by Stefan Mercier

students at the US Capitol on a class trip

There are many benefits to traveling on your next class trip to Washington DC with your middle or high school students. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the nation’s capital with less congestion at all the museums and attractions in the city. Student groups on their trip will have easier access to such places […]

Montreal Class Trips

written October 2, 2018, by contentadmin

See the Bioshpere in Montreal

Montreal more than a Foreign Language Class Trip Destination Montreal is an excellent destination choice for any school trip with your group of middle or high school students. Whether you wish to make it more of a year end experience, a language experience or immersion trip, Montreal can accommodate any of these objectives. While French […]

Ferrari Fridays

written September 25, 2018, by contentadmin

Formula 1 car at the Ferrari Museum

Learn about our travel and experience to the Ferrari Factory Museum One of the unexpected hits of an Italy Class Trip back in April, was visiting the Ferrari Factory and Museum.   We had scheduled to visit, to break up the drive from Venice to Florence. The idea was to change the pace away from […]

How will you use your Free Student Trip?

written September 24, 2018, by contentadmin

Get a Free Student when you have 49 paying students on your next Class Trip When you book your next trip with GO Educational Tours, if you have 49 paying students your 50th student travel free. You still get your complimentary teachers, chaperones and organizers too. But to help in our mission to reduce the […]

Student Group Tour Leader and a Successful Class Trip

written December 21, 2017, by contentadmin

GO Leaders are the best class trip tour leaders in the business

Why is a good GO Leader important to the success of your trip? Quite simply they are one of the key elements to a successful class trip is a GO Educational Tours GO Leader. Their work with student groups is simply the best. Our teacher reviews support this. Our post trip report card asks these […]

Document Required to Cross the Canadian Border on a Class Trip

written September 25, 2017, by contentadmin

On your next class trip to Montreal, Quebec city or other destinations in Canada it will be important to keep in mind that required travel documents are needed to cross the border. Land Crossings into Canada All adults traveling to Canada, by bus or train, will need to have a passport or passport card with […]

Travel Blog

written August 23, 2017, by contentadmin

GO Leaders

Congratulations to one of our fantastic GO Leaders, Amanda Adamson, on launching her travel blog,  Journey Bond Magazine. Amanda has traveled extensively and has been a GO Leader to Washington DC and Williamsburg with GO Educational Tours. She is passionate about travel and flush with creative energy and she was thoroughly appreciated by our teachers […]

Travel Insurance

written August 16, 2017, by contentadmin

On your next Class Trip with your middle or high school students you should always consider getting travel protection. There are many elements that can go wrong before and during the trip and having a travel insurance policy is a great way to make sure all passengers have their investment in the educational trip protected. […]

Mount Vernon Needs Your Help

written August 13, 2017, by contentadmin

  President Washington’s home has been damaged by some storms this past weekend. Here is a word from Mr. Viebranz – they are a private organization making it possible for us to share the great legacy of our first President with all our student travelers on their class trips to DC. Here is the communication […]

2017 Reviews and Testimonials

written August 4, 2017, by contentadmin

I am very proud of the work we do on each trip. We are dedicated to the Travel, Engage, Learn, Experience motto and our mission. We love getting the feedback but we love to maintain and improved year over year. Cathy, Amy, Becky are example of teachers who have been with us for over 4, […]

Bastille Day and Mount Vernon

written July 14, 2017, by contentadmin

Bastille Day, Gilbert Du Motier Marquis de LaFayette, George Washington and Mount Vernon How these two important men and places are connected. During your class trip to Washington and Mount Vernon, you will hear the name Lafayette a lot. Lafayette played an important part in 2 revolutions. Alongside George Washington he would fight for the […]

President John F. Kennedy

written May 29, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

The Life and Death of a Fallen Commander in Chief   John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was born May 29, 1917 to Rose and Joseph Kennedy. He was the second eldest out of nine children. As a young child JFK was not particularly healthy. He had many ailments growing up including whooping cough, measles, chicken pox, […]

Meeting Your Representative or Senator

written May 2, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

Questions to ask your Congressman/Congresswoman or Senator Meeting your elected officials is a great way to get involved in the democratic process. How does one get this job and how does one help out, get an internship or become a page at the Capitol? Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about those who […]

The Korean War Memorial

written April 24, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

The Forgotten War   Japan ruled the Korean peninsula until the end of World War II. At that time it fell to the United States and to the Soviet Union to decide what should be done with Japan’s imperial possessions. In August 1945, two young aids at the state department divided the Korean peninsula in […]

The Fireside Chats

written April 19, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

Addressing the People   For four consecutive terms Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR as he was also known by, was the President of the United States of America. He was the country’s 32nd President between 1933 and 1945. His administration oversaw both the height of the Great Depression and the start and end of World War […]

White House Easter

written April 14, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

The Easter Egg Roll   The South Lawn of the White House has been home to the annual Easter Egg Roll since 1878, but the festivities had a different start at the Capitol building two years earlier. Easter Monday of 1876 saw more than 10,000 children marching towards the newly completed Capital carrying baskets overflowing […]

Who is John Glenn?

written April 6, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

An American Hero:   John Glenn was many things throughout his life. A Marine pilot in World War II and the Korean War, an airplane test pilot setting a speed record flying between Los Angeles and New York in three and a half hours, one of NASA’s first astronauts, and a U.S. Senator. A member […]

Colonial Williamsburg – Storming the Palace

written March 17, 2017, by Amanda Adamson

Governors Palace at Colonial Williamsburg

The Storming of the Governors Palace: On your next class trip enter the world’s largest living history museum and step back in time to a vibrant 18th century city that is teeming with life and engaging activities depicting Williamsburg’s time as Virginia’s colonial capital. Our morning starts with an early arrival at the Williamsburg Visitors […]

The NMAAHC – first impressions

written February 14, 2017, by contentadmin


Not since the Holocaust Museum had there been such anticipation for a museum opening in Washington DC. The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) did not disappoint and it should definitely be part of your next class trip to Washington with your students. Our first visit was exhilarating and the Saturday crowd […]

Visiting the US Capitol in Washington DC

written January 10, 2017, by contentadmin

Visiting the US Capitol on your next Class Trip to Washington DC Prohibited Items at the Capitol Capitol visitor policies are designed to keep visitors and staff safe and secure and to preserve the collections, facilities, and historic building and grounds for generations to come. Before entering the Capitol Visitor Center, all visitors are screened […]

The 115th Congress

written January 9, 2017, by contentadmin

The first session of the 115th Congress was started last week. Next week the new President will take the Oath of Office. The link below will take you to the calendar page. When you plan your class trip to Washington DC it is important to keep in mind you might want to meet with your […]

The Electoral College

written December 19, 2016, by contentadmin

Visit the US Capitol on a class trip

Today is the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December after the presidential election when an event defined in the Constitution will must take place. The ‘Electors’ of the Electoral College will submit their votes and confirm the result of the popular vote of last month’s election. As part of class trip to Washington […]

The NYC ‘White House’

written December 1, 2016, by contentadmin

Trump Tower NYC

The New York City ‘White House’ On November 8th Mr Donald J Trump became the 45th President-Elect of the United States. He will be taking the ‘Oath of Office’ on January 20 2017 on the West side of the US Capitol looking at on the Mall in Washington DC. Mr Trump has already indicated he […]

Visiting Museums

written November 30, 2016, by contentadmin

Young boy on a class trip to Washington DC standing before the aircraft collection at the Udvar Hazy

VISITING MUSEUMS ON A CLASS TRIP TIPS On your next class trip to New York, Boston, Washington DC or Chicago you will certainly visit a museum or two. Most museums will require one teacher/chaperone with each 10 to 12 students. The teacher chaperones should plan their visit with their assigned group. The best time to […]

Le Chateau Frontenac

written November 29, 2016, by contentadmin

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City

The CHATEAU FRONTENAC, the story behind the name. Whether it is for a foreign language experience or simply for an 8th grade class trip with something a little different, Montreal and Quebec City are excellent options to consider. Planning  French immersion trips to Quebec City for your schools provides students  an opportunity to discover a new […]

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum Scavenger Hunt

written November 28, 2016, by contentadmin

Wright Flyer at the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC

From Kitty Hawk, NC to the Moon. Next month will mark the 113rd anniversary of the first powered flight by Orville and Wilbur Wright. On your next class trip to Washington DC students will get a chance to see all of the aircraft and spacecraft that have marked the pages of history in these last […]

Benefits of Class Trips

written November 11, 2016, by contentadmin

Benefits of Travel & Class Trips | GO Educational Tours Educational travel has grown exponentially in the last two decades. More and more educators are taking their students on class trips. We love working with dedicated and passionate teachers in the school communities. Each destination, whether domestic or international play a part in a student's growth academically and personally. Washington DC is always one of the top destinations. It allows students to connect with their history as they write a page of their own, perhaps be inspired to change it when they see the iconic memorials and monuments. Or having students stand on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, almost as it was back in 1863, is a memorable experience even for those of us fortunate to return every year. It still is special. Perhaps seeing the hustle and bustle of New York City will leave big impression. Just discovering how efficient and quick the subway is when navigating through Manhattan like a New Yorker is always a great part of any educational tour. Walking in the streets of Boston on the Freedom Trail and reliving the events that led to the revolution and the Battle of Boston and the cunning tactics of Washington. Whether in Williamsburg, Charleston, Huntsville, Florida on the space coast or Orlando, each travel experience to these destinations will change your student. Growth, maturity and confidence. Seeing and experiencing new environments, dealing with the new challenges of traveling preparation, packing, planning your movements are all part of the joys of travel. Changing our zones of comfort are all part of travel. Travel gives a competitive advantage to young travelers. Each trip allows them to gain more and more confidence to take on new destinations and making their world a little smaller each time. Travel | Engage | Learn | Experience Travel, engage, learn, experience summarizes what we strive for to make all of our trips a special and memorable chapter in your students history. Start planning today, make your students write their chapter of their history. Stefan Mercier

Benefits of Travel & Class Trips | GO Educational Tours Educational travel has grown exponentially in the last two decades. More and more educators are taking their students on class trips. We love working with dedicated and passionate teachers in the school communities. Each destination, whether domestic or international play a part in a student’s […]

A Typical Washington DC Tour

written November 7, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

On any given day, depending on your mode of travel, each student educational tour to Washington DC could include a visit to the Capitol and a meeting with your Congressman or woman. And no student tour would be complete with the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court building when the schedule permits.   On the […]

A Passion for Travel

written November 2, 2016, by contentadmin

Teachers have a busy schedule and we know adding to it creates and adds burden. Why GO ? Good question and we are glad to answer it.  The same reason we could ask why go somewhere. Because it is there, it will be challenging, enriching and fun. Discoveries do not come simply standing idly by. […]

Where History Comes to Life

written October 31, 2016, by contentadmin

History comes to life in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Quebec City and many other destinations. We retrace the steps of the events and people who shaped these cities and countries.  We examine the architecture, the economics, the arts, the languages and culture that have influenced them and bring them to life for […]

Being Flexible

written October 24, 2016, by contentadmin

GO Educational Tours’ priority is the student and the experience he/she will get from their travels. We train our GO Leaders to be student focused so that their travel experience is continually enriched.   Our itineraries are well balanced. We don’t try to fit everything in a few days to justify the cost. An overwhelming […]

Benefits of Educational Tours

written October 19, 2016, by contentadmin

Travel is a lifelong gift and it is more and more accessible to youth. Going on a first trip with your classmates is a memorable event.   Young first time travelers discover new environments, people, places and learn of the history behind the destination. Whether boarding a flight or a motor coach the excitement, preparation […]

The Passport

written October 17, 2016, by contentadmin

The first step to International travel will be to get a passport. A journey around the world begins with this document. Whether you travel on an educational tour with your friends and students or on vacation with your parents, your passport will be the witness to many a border crossing.   Passports as we know […]

Consider adding Salem on your next trip to Boston!

written October 12, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Growing up in Massachusetts almost commands that fall is your favorite season. With all the beautiful scenery and festive activities it truly is a time when the state comes alive. For me, it doesn’t feel like I have thoroughly completed my fall bucket list until I have made a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. Just under […]

Pont de Quebec, Quebec Bridge

written October 6, 2016, by contentadmin

Pont de Quebec Bridge Stefan Mercier October 6 2016   When driving to Quebec City on your next French class trip you might cross a bridge to get to the old city.   You will most likely cross on the Pierre Laporte Bridge from Levis to Ste-Foy if you come in from the South. This […]

Types of Day Field Trips

written October 5, 2016, by contentadmin

Day field trips are great programs for classes, schools and groups who cannot travel overnight. GO Educational Tours created some very creative programs in order to maximize your time at the destination while getting the most out of your activities.   The New York City Field Trip Make New York City yours for a day; […]

travel | engage | learn | experience, GO

written October 5, 2016, by contentadmin

Top 10 Reasons to Travel with GO Educational Tours

written October 3, 2016, by contentadmin

Choosing a good, reliable and dedicated educational travel company is important. Many factors can influence your decision when choosing your tour operator for your middle and high school student class trip to New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Mexico and Ireland.   Here are the top 10 reasons to choose, GO.   […]

Creating Memories

written September 28, 2016, by contentadmin

Organizing the best educational tour for your student requires carefully selecting your tour company. GO Educational Tours is dedicated to the success of each tour as we value and respect the travel experience of students (often times their first).   For example, we had a great travel weekend once to New York City with a […]

NMAAHC Opens today in Washington DC

written September 24, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

After a long wait the new National Museum of African American History & Culture opens today. Here are a few good articles on the museum below. NMAAHC – Smithsonian The National Museum of African American History and Culture Opens. Housing ‘Sacred’ Objects. – The How Do You Tell the Story of Black America in One […]

Safety on Tour, The Subway Ride

written September 21, 2016, by contentadmin

If the itinerary calls for a subway ride pay careful attention to the instructions: always stay as a group, we all go in the same subway car, we pay attention to the cues ass to when to exit. We all exit at same station- we step of the car, take a few steps to the […]

Orlando Class Trips: Theme Parks and NASA Provide Valuable Lessons

written September 19, 2016, by contentadmin

Students who are exposed to a variety of learning experiences during their elementary, junior high, and high school years often embrace lifelong learning. Taking class trips are one way that teachers can help students to see the concepts they are learning in action. This makes the lessons in the classroom seem more important since students […]

Let us Customize Your Washington DC Class Trip

written September 14, 2016, by contentadmin

presidential inauguration, Washington DC class trip

Going to Washington DC with student groups on tour for many years, I am often asked what are my favorite sites in DC.   The list might be a bit subjective and definitely debatable but essentially after many years and many trips to DC these seem to be the top sites that do leave a […]

Benefits of Class Trips

written September 13, 2016, by contentadmin

Benefits of Student Travel & Class Trips | GO Educational Tours   I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. -Robert Louis Stevenson   Educational travel has grown exponentially in the last two decades. More and more educators are taking their students on class trips. All of us at GO love working with dedicated […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips: Pack Light & Only the Essentials

written September 12, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

pack light

On tour you will never find me without my backpack because inside is everything I need to have a successful trip! At the same time I’ve learned the importance of packing just the essentials; especially when it comes to the bag I carry around all day. If you opened up my backpack on any given […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Pay Attention During Safety Review & Always Wear Your Emergency Bracelet

written September 7, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Safety Vs Risk Choice Concept

Each day on tour we go over our safety review and at the beginning of the trip we pass out a silicon bracelet for you to wear and we ask that you keep the bracelet on for the entire duration of the trip.   If an emergency situation were to occur where you got hurt […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Get a Good Night’s Sleep

written August 31, 2016, by Colleen Anderson


This goes for the night before you depart as well as the nights you are on tour. As I mentioned in tip # 3 you are going to do a lot of walking on the tour. Our days are really fun but they also are very long. Your wake-up call will be around 6:30am – […]

The Presidential Inauguration: The Presidential Oath

written August 30, 2016, by contentadmin

The Presidents

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”   In 2009, Justice Roberts slightly flubbed the oath by placing ‘faithfully’ after United States. As per Justice […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Keep an Open Mind

written August 29, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Keeping an open mind is something I’ve learned in my own personal travels as well as traveling with GO Educational Tours. When you travel to a new place both domestically or internationally you are going to see and experience things that may be different than your hometown. You might not necessarily love everything about this […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Stay Hydrated and Keep Your Energy Up

written August 24, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

water and snacks

In my Tip # 2 I explained that you do a lot of walking on tour which means that you are exerting a lot of energy. It is important that while you are on tour you are making the right choices to keep your energy up. Bring small healthy snacks to keep in your day […]

The Presidential Inauguration: Peacefully Handing Over Power

written August 23, 2016, by contentadmin

We often forget there is a moment when one person cedes power to another upon the taking of the Oath. There is no bloodshed. Washington played a key role in making this possible. Today this event is part of his legacy.   Matthew Spalding, Vice President, American Studies and Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center for […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Bring Your History Knowledge & Questions

written August 22, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Not only are our trips really fun, but they also help to incorporate history and other things that you are learning inside the classroom. At many of the attractions you visit we will discuss the importance of why it is there and how it effects your life today! But the GO Leader doesn’t want to do […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Prepare for a lot of Walking

written August 17, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

prepare to walk

One of the misconceptions about traveling is that the best way to get around the destinations is by motorcoach. Believe it or not, in many of the cities you may travel to, walking can be the fastest mode of transportation due to the traffic. Also consider all the of the walking that you will be […]

Colleen’s Top Travel Tips, Entertainment During the Commute

written August 15, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

motorocoach or plane enterntainment

Hey Guys, Colleen here, one of the GO Leaders at GO Educational Tours. I learned a lot during my first season as a GO Leader and I wanted to pass along my best tips to help you have the best tour that you can!   Tip #1 Take Something to Keep You Entertained on the […]

The National Museum of American History at The Smithsonian Institution

written August 10, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

National Museum of American History

Perhaps one of the most diverse collections of any museum on the Mall it holds artifacts and exhibits to capture everyone’s imagination.   The Star Spangled Banner is the most significant exhibit. On their class trip to Washington DC, your students will see the original garrison flag that inspired Francis Scott Key.   As the […]

I’m Not a History Buff!

written August 8, 2016, by Lacey Glass

Would you believe that I’m not really a history buff?  Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy history and truly love leading class trips and bringing students to all of the historic places that GO travels, but I am not a history buff like most of my co-workers.  I am, however, a HERstory buff!  Behind every […]

The Presidential Inauguration: A Transition of Power

written August 4, 2016, by contentadmin

The Presidential Inauguration in 2017 will once again mark the peaceful transition of power from one Commander-in-Chief to another. This is very significant as it reflects one of George Washington’s goals.   Class trips were not a common occurrence in the 18th Century. The Presidential Inauguration of George Washington was in 1789 on April 30 […]

The Perfect Tour

written July 27, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

The perfect tour. Is it possible?   My answer, in good tour guide fashion, is rather long winded like all good tour guide stories. I’ve often been asked, “has anything ever gone wrong on your tours?”.   Of course. Nothing ever goes perfectly but I compare any educational tour with students to theater. Bare with […]

An Experience Worth Remembering

written July 25, 2016, by Colleen Anderson

Young boy on a class trip to Washington DC standing before the aircraft collection at the Udvar Hazy

Being a GO Leader on tour means being able to share the experience of watching students connect history to their present lives. But it also means being able to see, in such a short amount of time, the students grow as individuals. For me, these moments can be the most meaningful ones that give me […]

Studying History? Take a Class Trip to Atlanta, Georgia

written July 20, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

When teaching students, they greatly benefit from a hands-on approach. With the subject of history, museums are a great place to start; your children will be able to experience the history for themselves. Beginning with a class trip to Atlanta is a spectacular idea.   According to, the museums listed below are some of […]

Protecting Your Investment on an Educational Tour

written July 18, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Travel Insurance and Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)   Sending your child or student on an educational class trip to Washington DC or New York, Chicago, Boston or Montreal and Quebec is a substantial investment. As these school tours are planned quite a few months ahead, if not a year or two ahead, certain events are […]

Top 3 Things to See on a Washington DC Class Trip

written July 13, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

GO Educational Tours believes that a class trip to our nation’s capitol is a rite of passage for American children akin to riding a bike or a first kiss. Fortunately, Washington DC offers a wide variety of educational activities appropriate for a class outing. We’ve created a “must” list of three things to see and do […]

Be Part of History: Witness the 2017 Presidential Inauguration

written July 11, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Presidential Inauguration 2017

Washington DC is a great place for a class trip, but visiting during the Presidential Inauguration in 2017 will add a dimension that makes you and your students a part of history. As your group gathers with the thousands of other Americans that have turned out for the celebration, you’ll witness the peaceful transfer of […]

Making a Difference

written July 6, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Experience has shown that we can make a difference for a few days during the tour. Discovery, friendship, wonder, camaraderie, curiosity are all part of the different emotions and feelings young travelers will experience. We like to be a part of that without being the main attraction.   We put all our efforts and work […]

President Andrew Jackson

written July 4, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Andrew Jackson

Recently the GO Educational Tours team met on Plum Island, MA for a company retreat for training and team building and preparations for the 2017 travel season. At that retreat, a question was raised of everyone that attended: Which person from history would you choose to help you during a zombie apocalypse? My answer was […]

A Typical Day on Tour

written June 29, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

The first morning of a tour, I always made it a point of going around the bus to learn the names of each student. It was important for me to hear what the students were looking forward to seeing and expecting on their tour.   It’s a good icebreaker, but it made me aware of the […]

Getting Your Trip Approved by the School Board or Committee

written June 27, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

trip approval cover - washington dc

Some school and administrators require board or district approval. This can be before or after you have selected your program and need to present to the administration.   In some cases, the trip may require pricing to get approval and then you can submit your project to the school board, district, supervisor or the principal as […]

Educational Student Travel to Remember: The Holocaust Memorial Museum

written June 20, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Holocaust Museum

The Holocaust is undoubtedly one of the worst genocides to occur in human history. The mass execution of innocent people during Third Reich Germany is something that should never be forgotten. Washington, DC offers one of the most poignant, and emotionally charged museums: The Holocaust Memorial Museum. This memorial is definitely an educational student travel […]

Top Stops for Montreal and Quebec City Class Trips

written June 20, 2016, by Stefan Mercier


While there are many cities in Canada that are known for their rich history and plentiful educational benefits, Montreal and Quebec City are hard to beat. It can be difficult to pick out just which stops to make on your Montreal and Quebec City class trips, but we’ve done some of the work for you […]

Why Boston’s Historic Freedom Trail Is Ideal For School Trips

written June 15, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

boston's freedom trail

When planning a trip for your class, Boston is a natural choice. The entire city is steeped in history and much of the formation of America as a nation took place there. Even better, Boston has a freedom trail that leads you easily through the city to sixteen historical sites.   The walk will take […]

New York City’s Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

written June 13, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Statue of Liberty

New York City’s Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are necessary attractions for students of all ages when visiting New York City on a class trip. Since its unveiling in 1886 the statue reassured millions of immigrants as they first passed through the doors on Ellis Island in search of hope, freedom, and opportunity.   […]

3 Remarkable Benefits of Teacher Organized Travel

written June 8, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

teacher organized travel

Traveling of any kind, whether it is educational or recreational, has proven to have a multitude of benefits to the traveler. By exposing you to rich histories and experiences, and by showing you things you’ve never seen or thought of before, travel can truly transform you.  We know firsthand the wonderful benefits of student travel, […]

GO Travel Scholarships

written May 27, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

go travel scholarships for students groups

A great way to keep the costs of the class trip down is to refer other educators or student trip organizers to GO Educational Tours. Part of the inflation in student travel costs are the kickbacks some tour companies offer organizers to use their services.   GO TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIP   GO stands firmly against this […]

Best Sites to Visit on a DC Class Trip: Arlington National Cemetery

written May 19, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

Sentinel at Tomb of the Unknown GO Educational Tours

No school trip quite captures the history of the United States of America as a class trip to Washington DC. Naturally, there are hundreds of sites that you can visit during this type of trip, but most groups are limited on their time. Learning more about the “must-see” attractions around the city will help you […]

NYC Steam

written May 13, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

new york city steam

During your class trip to NYC you will probably notice some smoke rising from the sewer or manholes- it’s actually steam and not smoke. It is a distinct feature of New York and other older cities.   What is the steam used for? It is a power source not unlike electricity. It is generated and […]

Student Group Meals, Pt. 2

written May 5, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

student group meals - dinner

This is where we like to slow it down a little bit for both the teachers and the students’ benefit. We approach dinner with a more European way – taking time to sit and enjoy the day’s experiences of discovering the destination.   From Washington DC, Atlanta, Charleston, New York City, Chicago, Boston and any […]

Student Group Meals, Pt. 1

written April 28, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

student meals - breakfast and lunch

  We take great pride at GO Educational Tours in our menu selection for our student group class trip meal plans.   While our travelers may be students, it doesn’t mean all of the meals should be fast food, as we’ve had some teachers tell us from traveling with other operators. In fact, we’ve always liked […]

Steven Udvar Hazy at The Air and Space Museum

written April 14, 2016, by contentadmin - Middle and High School Student Group Trips - Washington DC

An important attraction to consider on your next class trip to Washington DC is the Udvar Hazy Center. Steven Udvar Hazy is the owner of Air Lease Finance Corporation and made a $65,000,000 contribution to create the Air and Space Annexe Museum at Dulles airport possible. His company is one of the largest lessor of […]

Packing For Your Class Trip

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

Packing For A School Trip List You Say? First thing to pack and I usually recommend wearing them the first day, regardless of what is outlined in any list: COMFORTABLE SHOES. (no flip-flops are not comfortable shoes, they are beachwear for the beach) You’ll thank us later. Really, you will. These shoes will be your […]

More than Just a Tour Guide – The Go Leader Goal

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

Like Maya Angelou wisely stated, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” The job of a typical tour guide may be to spit out a fountain of facts and get you from Point A to Point B, but the goal […]

Things to see on your next Educational Class Trip to Washington DC

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

During middle or high school trip with your students to Washington DC you will discover a multitude of museums and attractions to fill many days. Our ‘Ideal” itineraries and programs are designed to ensure all the main highlights are seen. However certain sites are sometimes neglected as many student groups prioritize the main attractions due […]

The Spy Detector – How to know if you’re from Boston

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

One of our favorite places to visit on an educational or class trip to Boston is Faneuil Hall. This is one building with a lot of history and stories attached to it. Faneuil is a name of French origin. Peter’s family, Huguenots (French Protestants) left France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in […]

Protecting Your Investment in Educational Travel

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

  Travel Insurance and Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)   Sending your child or student on an educational class trip to Washington DC or New York, Chicago, Boston or Montreal and Quebec is a substantial investment. As these school tours are planned quite a few months ahead if not a year or two ahead certain […]

Safety Of The Students And The Group, While On Tour, Is Paramount And Our Priority

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

When selecting a student travel provider, one of the main concerns is ensuring the travel experience is in a structured and safe environment. It is a priority we take seriously and continually update. When you take a class trip to Washington, D.C., Boston, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Charleston or Montreal and Quebec City, there […]

Safety Of The Students And The Group, While On Tour, Is Paramount And Our Priority Part 2

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

A GO Educational Tours starts each day with safety on our mind. Juice, eggs, toast and a good safety review to get us going for the day are all part of the job. On your next class trip or student tour to Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Charleston , Montreal or Quebec these […]

Planning an Educational Trip with GO Educational Tours

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

Organizing a student trip to Washington DC or New York City or another destination may seem daunting for a first time planner. GO Educational Tours has made it easy for you to plan and travel with a peace of mind and be sure your students will get a safe and engaging educational travel experience. GO […]

The Hydration Obligation: Staying Hydrated on a Tour

written April 20, 2015, by contentadmin

One thing that is guaranteed on your tour: you will see a lot of amazing things. We strive to fill each day with exceptional activities that stimulate learning and motivate students. The days are long and require both mental exertion as well as physical. It is vital for anyone participating in a tour to keep […]