Best Sites to Visit on a DC Class Trip: Arlington National Cemetery

written May 19, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

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No school trip quite captures the history of the United States of America as a class trip to Washington DC. Naturally, there are hundreds of sites that you can visit during this type of trip, but most groups are limited on their time. Learning more about the “must-see” attractions around the city will help you to make the best decision possible when planning your class trip.


One of the most important facets of our country is our military. The sacrifice that they show daily is inspirational and helps to motivate many Americans. Some soldiers pay the ultimate price for our freedom. Because of this, the best place to visit in DC is Arlington National Cemetery.


Along with viewing the graves of those who were lost in battle, students will also be able to see the graves of some of our most effective leaders. Here, you will have the opportunity to view the graves of John K Kennedy, as well as his wife Jacqueline and brothers, Robert and Edward.


Another important area that you will not want to miss is the Grave of the Unknown Soldier. This grave has been designed to honor those who were lost in battle and that were not able to be identified. This grave is constantly guarded and offers a ‘Changing of the Guard’ ceremony throughout the day.


Arlington National Cemetery covers 624 acres and holds the graves of soldiers who were killed in action as early as the American Civil War. No trip to Washington DC is complete without spending some time here and learning what the true meaning of sacrifice really is.


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