A Typical Washington DC Tour

written November 7, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

On any given day, depending on your mode of travel, each student educational tour to Washington DC could include a visit to the Capitol and a meeting with your Congressman or woman. And no student tour would be complete with the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court building when the schedule permits.


On the remaining days your tour will include the many activities Washington DC has to offer for student groups and their teachers.


Each day on an educational tour brings new discoveries for students. On a trip to Washington DC a typical day would start around 6:45-7:00am. We love to get an early start simply because a lot can be done in a day and many sites and attractions are a little less busy before 10am.


Spring can be especially warm in Washington DC. As we get closer to June and July the weather conditions during your student tour can become muggy very fast and so the schedule for you educational field trip will be planned according to the date of travel.


On any day we always recommend to do the Arlington Cemetery early as there is some walking to do and it is always better to walk the grounds with your student group before peak sun. The crowds will be thinner and access to the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, JFK’s and his brother Robert burial sites a little easier.


As we leave the grounds of Arlington cemetery with the student group, the tour will head to the 911 Pentagon Memorial nearby. A quick stop at the Iwo Jima memorial for a group picture and some background on the events of Iwo Jima.


On your next morning we could recommend going to the National Zoo and a visit to the National Cathedral.


Lunch in Washington DC can be a lot of fun for the student group as there is a lot of selection. Union Station is a favorite for student group tours as we can arrange for meal vouchers and coupons and there are many choices of restaurants for the groups. The Old Post Office Pavilion which offers some selection of restaurants for traveling student groups is also a possibility.


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