A Passion for Travel

written November 2, 2016, by contentadmin

Teachers have a busy schedule and we know adding to it creates and adds burden.

Why GO ?

Good question and we are glad to answer it.  The same reason we could ask why go somewhere. Because it is there, it will be challenging, enriching and fun. Discoveries do not come simply standing idly by.


Another ‘educational’ tour outfit on the market ? Well not exactly. We started in this business 20 years ago with some very simple ideas and principles. Making sure the students came back with something and I am not just referring to souvenirs.  But to come back with a memorable experience but also some understanding of what they saw and hopefully foster a curiosity to go back or explore another destination. They will want to share it with their family and friends


You see my  passion for travel came from my parents, especially my dad who is a big fan of the USA. We spent most if not every summer vacation : whether it was in Maine, Cape Cod, New York, Boston, Virginia Beach then further on to the Magic Kingdom, it seemed like second nature for me to be in the US. The same for culture and history. I often say I am more at ease in Boston than in Toronto.


But my parents always made sure I understood what I was seeing. The significance of a certain place or of people, historical characters was always pressed upon me. Hearing of Nixon, Ford or Carter to Adams, Washington and Jefferson was just as natural as hearing of Trudeau and MaCdonald and Levesque.


Being and seeing places of significance stayed with me. Reading up on the places we were to visit before leaving (and this is long before the advent of google and the web), the maps, AAA books and the like were never far.


So I guess I grew up wanting to share this with others, especially youth. Getting ready to travel is great, the build-up to it, the countdown was energizing. And then leaving for the trip, seeing, sensing and touching were all parts of the experience. Sometimes, during the trip there was some information overload, especially for a kid, but it did stay with me. Something stuck somehow and the memories were one thing but being to see and put things in context became second nature because of my travels to the US. New York’s, Boston’s and Washington DC’s histories all made sense in the greater picture.


My curiosity continued and sharing that became part of my life, my job. It is fun to share this with kids. Making sure they come back with something, something that sticks. For nearly 17 years I shared this love of travel with over 250,000 and more Canadian student travelers to the USA.


So it is about sharing this experience and enhancing and contributing to educational travel. I always respected that it is often the first travel experience of the students travelling and always made sure my tour directors knew and paid close attention to this as that tour will be remembered for a long and be the first of many.