3 Remarkable Benefits of Teacher Organized Travel

written June 8, 2016, by Stefan Mercier

teacher organized travel

Traveling of any kind, whether it is educational or recreational, has proven to have a multitude of benefits to the traveler. By exposing you to rich histories and experiences, and by showing you things you’ve never seen or thought of before, travel can truly transform you.  We know firsthand the wonderful benefits of student travel, as we have witnessed the impact first hand. We also know that teacher organized educational travel, in particular, provides unique benefits in a way that no other type of travel could do.


Here are 3 remarkable benefits of teacher organized travel:

1. Lifelong intellectual curiosity

One of the greatest benefits of teacher organized travel is its ability to instill intellectual curiosity in the young student traveler. In fact, a recent study shows that adults who went on education travel programs, or “learning vacations”, between the ages of 12 and 18 went on to achieve better grades and attributed their travel experiences to becoming globally engaged.  Intellectual curiosity inspires students to strive for more. It is also a trait that encourages the growth of other positive characteristics in students, such as respect for education and dedication. These are just some of the invaluable benefits that last longer than the trip itself!


2. Unique and fulfilling group experience

Anyone who has traveled anywhere within a group will understand that group travel is a fun and fulfilling adventure and this applies just as well to students on teacher organized educational travel. Not only will students learn more about themselves as they function within the traveling group dynamic, but they will also be able to get to know individual group members in unique settings, and feel the joy that comes with bonding with a group.  Students who experience educational travel will also tend to bring their group bonding skills into other areas of their life – a skill that is truly priceless in many situations.


3. Appreciation for life

Though this is true for all types of travel, teacher organized educational travel can provide travel experiences that are so very rich in knowledge and history that students will naturally develop a sense of appreciation for the life they have. Some children of today get a bad reputation for being ungrateful, but if only they could experience a life changing teacher organized trip they would undoubtedly gain a better perspective and attitude.


Helping educators and teachers provide great educational travel to their students has helped us to enrich more lives than we could ever have imagined. Contact us if you’d like to get involved in educational travel.


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