Motorcoaches and Class Trip Safety

written March 11, 2019, by Maeve Kilbride

Motorcoach and class trip safety

On your next class trip with GO Educational Tours, you will surely travel aboard a deluxe motor-coach; a very efficient and safe way to travel in large cities.

At GO, we value our motor-coach company partners and the professional drivers. We make sure the drivers are part of the experience while on class trips!

GO makes the safety of your middle and high school students our top priority. Safety on the motorcoach is crucial, and each day will start with a quick safety briefing given by your GO Leader

Most importantly, all passengers must remain seated at all times. Any sudden action requiring a driver to brake could result in injuries. Drivers also appreciate it when the student group keeps the bus clean and keep their noise down. Additionally, it is important that the students do not use flash photography, as the glare of the flash could temporarily blind the driver.

DOT driving and service hour rules are very strict, but our itineraries account for them, so it is not something you or your students need to worry about on! Due to the limits, we do a lot of walking to let the driver rest throughout the day. Walking also takes off the stress of traffic and parking, and a lot of the time is even faster than driving. To learn more about driving rules and hours, click here. We always respect the service and driver hours; class trips are more fun when you have a good relationship with your motorcoach driver!

On your next class trip you can sit back and relax on the motorcoach. You can watch a movie, use your phone or tablet, read, or listen to music knowing you are in good hands aboard a comfortable motorcoach with a professional driver. To learn more about class trips, or if you have any further questions, click below!

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