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Gondola in Venice

School trip to Venice, Italy

Iconic. Timeless. Seminal. Classical.Epochal.Historic.

Many words can be used to define Venice. Seeing it on a class trip to Italy is definitely a the top of the list.

Venice is one of the few cities in the world where one can feel truly taken back in time. It leaves one with indelible memories. The canals, the buildings, the piazza. The history lives here as it did centuries ago.

The exact date of the foundation of Venice is said to be around 421. Fearing  successive invasions by the huns and Goths, northern italians fled to these islands in the lagoon.

Built on wooden stakes and platforms the city as we know it would take shape over the next 12 centuries. The canals were the local streets, avenues and boulevards the locals would navigate as we do today with cars but with adapted little boats, the gondola. Only 400 or so remain and are maneuvered quite deftly by the “gondolieri”. It can take 3-5 years to become a professional gondolier.

Gondolas in Italy
Gondolas standing by for passengers

The gondola ride is definitely one of the highlights for student on their school tour. The trip down the canal is part of the personal and educational journey in Venice, Italy.

From Ponte Vecchio, to the Rialto and of course a glass blowing demonstration is a must. St-Mark’s and the Doges Palace are indispensable part of the Venice experience.  There is plenty to see and do and we would recommend at least 2 days to get a good feel for the city.

We  highly recommend  walking to some of the quieter spots of Venice where less tourist crowd the piazza’s and must see locations. Just sitting and having a ‘cafe luongo’  and people watch is definitely something we should do on any trip to Italy.

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