Mount Vernon Needs Your Help

written August 13, 2017, by contentadmin


President Washington’s home has been damaged by some storms this past weekend. Here is a word from Mr. Viebranz – they are a private organization making it possible for us to share the great legacy of our first President with all our student travelers on their class trips to DC.

Here is the communication we are sharing with you.

Friday night severe storms came through our area and we experienced heavy rains in a very short amount of time. This unusual amount of rain has had a devastating impact on the estate resulting in erosion at the Ha-Ha wall at the eastern side of the East Lawn. A large section of that wall was washed out and our team took immediate action to secure the area. You can see the extent of the damage here.

Right now, we are asking for your help. This is going to be a costly repair, not just for the wall, but to repair and try to prevent the ground erosion that caused the wall to collapse. You may know for the past few years we have extended much effort to secure the slope between the Mansion and the river. The storms were so severe that it appears we have more shoring work to do.

Please, make a donation today and forward this email to others that might be willing to help. You are the backbone of everything we do, and today, we need you more than ever!

Thank you for your support, it is most appreciated always, but especially today.


Curtis G. Viebranz

P.S. We may having taken a hit from the storms, but Mount Vernon remains open with normal operating hours to share the life and legacy of George Washington while we work to shore up the area and repair the damage.

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