The 115th Congress

written January 9, 2017, by contentadmin

The first session of the 115th Congress was started last week. Next week the new President will take the Oath of Office.

The link below will take you to the calendar page. When you plan your class trip to Washington DC it is important to keep in mind you might want to meet with your Senator or Congressman/Congresswoman while in DC.

Most elected officials are in town during the sessions and they usually leave town for their districts on the Thursday: meeting them enhances your experience during your exploration of DC  and to learn more about the politics and civics. Elected officials do make a very big effort to meet constituents and especially future voters.

Also the staff is very helpful in getting Capitol visits  for student groups too.

Here is a list of tips for preparing for your visit to the Capitol :

Also a list of prohibited items to keep in mind before the visit. listed below.

The US Capitol is a great iconic building rich with history and getting to meet your elected officials is a unique opportunity to get closer to your government. Make sure to include it on your next class trip and to consult the Congressional calendar to see if they are in DC.




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