Benefits of Class Trips

written September 13, 2016, by contentadmin

Benefits of Student Travel & Class Trips | GO Educational Tours


I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. -Robert Louis Stevenson


Educational travel has grown exponentially in the last two decades. More and more educators are taking their students on class trips. All of us at GO love working with dedicated and passionate teachers in the school communities.


Each trip, whether to domestic or international destinations, plays a part in a student’s growth academically and personally in many ways.


Washington DC is always one of the top destinations. It allows students to connect with their American history as they write a page of their own. Perhaps students will be inspired to change history when they see the iconic memorials and monuments.


Having students stand on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, almost as it was back in 1863, is a memorable experience. Even for those of us fortunate to return every year it is still undeniably a very special place where brother fought brother and where one of the most memorable speeches was given.


Perhaps seeing the hustle and bustle of New York City will leave big impression. Just discovering how efficient and quick the subway is when students navigate through Manhattan like a New Yorker is always a great part of any educational experience.


Walking in the streets of Boston on the Freedom Trail and reliving the events led by the ‘Sons of Liberty’ to the revolution and the Battle of Boston and the cunning tactics of Washington.


Atlanta offers a unique blend of significant cultural sites like the MLK National Historic Site, the Carter Presidential Library and of course the famous Georgia Aquarium with is Whale Sharks.


Strolling through the streets of Old Montreal or Quebec City and feeling the effervescence of the French culture and language. The rich history of our neighbors to the North is very much intertwined with our own.


Whether it be in Williamsburg, Charleston, Huntsville, Florida on the space coast or Orlando, where students see where we launched our astronauts on our Saturn V rockets, each travel experience to these destinations will change students.


Growth, maturity and confidence.


Seeing and experiencing new environments, dealing with the new challenges of traveling:  preparation, packing, planning, sharing the adventure with their friends are all part of the joys of travel.


When we change our ‘comfort zones’ we adapt quicker and faster and as we understand more about others in different states or countries, we become more tolerant and understanding, we all grow from the journey.


Travel gives a competitive advantage to young travelers. Each trip allows them to gain more and more confidence to take on new destinations and making their world a little smaller each time.


Travel | Engage | Learn | Experience


Travel, engage, learn, experience. These words summarize what we strive to achieve for all of our tours.  Making all of our trips a special, enriching and memorable chapter in your students history.


Start planning today, make your students write their chapter of their history.




Stefan Mercier